bmbrs is an independent British fashion brand.

Every ‘bmbrs’ jacket is designed and handmade in our Yorkshire studio, to give you a unique product with a refined aesthetic and quality finish. We honour the history of British style and are working against the era of throwaway fashion and the current disposable culture.

We have one main focus. To create authentic, investment pieces that are crafted using the finest locally sourced fabrics and materials. We are working towards our entire collection being designed, sourced and produced right here in the UK.

By using an ultra-localised supply chain means we will be using the same quality materials; produced by the same spinners, weavers and dyers; and created by the same garment maker...resulting in the same exceptional quality jacket time and time again.

We won’t be launching new designs each season. Instead we will have a core collection that will be available all year around and to keep things exciting we will be releasing limited editions along the way.

Our core collection is made up of five styles. Each style comes in multiple colour-ways and can be manufactured in two sizes categories: Women (XS - L) and Men (S - XL).

Our jackets feature fabrics manufactured by different UK based mills. Their locations stretch all over the country and they have all been operating for over 100 years. It’s not just easier and more ethical to source fabric locally, for us its about showcasing the amazing textiles we produce right here in the UK!

Every time you buy a product that doesn’t use locally sourced materials or is not manufactured in the UK your money leaves our economy. By shopping UK sourced and manufactured products you keep this money in your economy, which helps to sustain UK manufacturers and businesses with deep roots in their communities.